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While enjoying their high school years at St Croix Central High School, a group of young musicians decided to form a Calypso band. These young men was led by Iaryn "Swanks" Williams, who at the time was described by his music teacher as "the best young drummer I have ever seen". They would call themselves "Stylee Band”. By the time they graduated from high school in 2009, Stylee Band was one of the most sort out group on their home island of St Croix, and was making a name on sister island St Thomas. 

While the growth of Stylee Band began to get regional attention, many of its early members would leave the islands to pursue educational and career opportunities. Swanks, who by then had moved from drums to Rythem Box and Keyboard, would later be joined by talented drummer Jelonn "Mango Man" James, emerging bassman, Charles "Pollo" Goodings, female vocalist, Shereema "Rema" Simon, and lead vocalist, Kyle "Kylo" Sylvester. By the time this group produced hit single "Stop it no man", Stylee Band was now a household name throughout the entire Virgin Islands and would be invited to participate in all festivals celebration throughout the region. Kleon, "DJ Karl" Gaskin would join the group giving the band a consistent and uniquely clean sound. Rema also left the group in order to pursue other opportunities. This left Kylo as the sole front line vocalist. The chemistry amongst this group would yield many hits. Bicycle Rider, Elevator, Spread it, and Tramping comes to mind. However, it was arguably the group biggest hit single "Pick It Up" that took them outside of the Virgin Islands region to all the major Caribbean Carnival celebrations throughout the US mainland. 

Following the trend which made the vocalist the center point of the band, Stylee would amend its name and became known as KSB, Kylo and Stylee Band. Many, at this time in the group's evolution, considered them as the number one band in the VI Region. KSB was not only known for playing all genres of music, but also for putting their brand on it. A brand that transcend different age groups and personalities. Kylo's ability to connection with varying audiences also played a major role in KSB growth. 

 In early 2017, KSB joined forces with VIBES of Tortola to contribute hit single "Flash Light" for Tortola Festival celebration. Swanks produced the rhythm, Kylo and Jougo of VIBE shared in the vocals and mixing and mastering being done at Home Grown studios. Later that year, KSB would add "Big Jam" to its portfolio of hit singles. Unfortunately, Kylo would not be around to take that song to its fullest potential. On December 7th, 2017, KSB lost its dynamic talented vocalist in a plane crash accident. This caused many, members included, to question the future of the band.

After Kylo's going home celebration, members of the band met to discuss the future of the group. From that meeting, two major decisions was made: (1) Kylo would expect the group to continue on and (2) a change in the band's name was necessary if the band was to move on. BIG BAND emerged as the group's new name. Later rising star, Horace "Bugz Bugs" Matthew and veteran star Michael "Mic Love" Stephen were recruited to help chart Big Band's Journey.


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