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“No Matter what good things you do, they still going to talk about you… you’ve got to live your life your way.” These lyrics were echoed throughout the streets of Anguilla and on the airwaves which carried the Exodus Band to the thrown as the Anguilla Road March Champions 2009 with the track entitled “My Life.” It was all uphill from then, as the band continued to make their mark on the music scene. In 2011 it was no surprise to carnival revellers when the band emerged as number one from amongst all other bands on the island as the Band Clash champions 2011.

Ever since they were a fledgling group, playing music under a tamarind tree in the heart of South Valley, the Exodus Band has always displayed a passionate energetic spirit in their music that people have always been drawn to. A young talented group of individuals came together to produce a sound that will be second to none on the island in the upcoming years.

It wasn’t until summer of 2001, the Exodus Band made their first professional recording. The album “Single Parent” introduced these young musicians to an international audience as the Exodus Band. The album boasts a mix of traditional Anguillian Soca with originality echoed through their beats. It also defined the groups’ breathless verbal acrobatics with a very conscious view of the world.

After what seemed like an uphill climb in the first year, with the rigors of the rookie welcome to the industry and competing against the other bands, the Exodus Band continued to captivate its listening audience with their unique sound. The beat continued in 2002 as the band assured their fans that they were going to be around for a while with their second album release entitled “Forever”. Forever displayed a more matured group that established their place in the music industry in Anguilla. It became clear that the Exodus Band was going to be a force to reckon with in the music industry.

Well the music continued, your Exodus Band bombarded the airwaves with the release of their third album “Gone Wild” in 2003. With hit tracks like Secret Admirer, and Be Strong, it was definitely “Work time” for the band. The transformation for this young dynamic group emerged once again in a stellar production. Gone Wild in 2003 displayed a group of youngsters who now understood what it takes to claim a spot in the music industry at all levels and showed no fear in putting in the work.

Every beat when coined with lyrics created a unique sound that fans quickly came to know as the Exodus Band. The 2004 four release of the album entitled “Just Living” sent off a feeling that left fans “Paranoid”. The Exodus Band again showing their maturity and concerns about a just society, with social philanthropy echoed in the lyrics in songs like “Protect Yourselves” and “Go to the Lord in Prayer”.
In September of 2012 the Exodus Band made another bold move in their continued efforts to produce a unique sound that would be second to none in the world of Soca music. The group was renamed “Exodus HD” to reflect a renewed energy and sound that would catapult Exodus above and beyond; High Definition! This initiative demonstrated an unprecedented creation by the band; with their delivery of unique beats accompanied by robust lyrics, was and will always be a phenomenal but yet soothing sound in the ears of all listeners. “Exodus HD”


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Latest & Exodus HD

2021 Band Ambassador - Real People Do Real Things

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