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“Music is by far the most wonderful method we have to remind us each day of the power of personal accomplishment.” -Chris S. Salazar

The official band goes beyond a group of musicians playing together under one name. It’s composition runs deeper to a brotherly bond of two brothers Aquan “Dr.Hodge”Hodge, Royel “ Big Ox” Hodge and their childhood friend and brother Nicholas “Magic” Henrietta. The three friends were all part of the St. Joseph’s Scout Troop which was lead by Mr Leroy “Boy Blue” Hodge and Mrs Jacqueline “Jacky” Mussington-Hodge the parents of both Aquan and Royel Hodge. The name Official Band came from their dad over hearing a conversation about the boys starting a band and what would they name it. While listening Mr. Leroy “Boy Blue” Hodge jumped in and said you guys are The Officials and from their they said we are The Official Band.

In 2001 The Official Band was just a band house band where they would practice day in and day out. Being under the supervision of Mr. Leroy “Boy Blue” Hodge they boys had to practice three songs per week and they had to get it right. Aquan “Dr. Hodge” Hodge was the keyboardist and rhythm man, Royel “Big Ox” Hodge was the bass man and Nicholas “Magic” Henrietta was the Vocalist. In the space of one year the boys met Samier “Sammy Samsara” Jean Pierre and Fernando “Ferrow” Hernandez where they took the role as two more vocalist in The Official Band. In 2003 the boys decided to officially launch The Official Band where they did their first road jam. After a successful
launch the band had its own unique blend of heartfelt vocals and Caribbean inspired melodies over a fusion of self made and programmed beats. Being a young band coming up heir aim was to always be as good the rest local bands that were there before them, bands like Explosion Band, Respek Band and the No Limit band just to name a few.

In 2011 Shayne “Strat” Polydore joined The Official Band and took up the role as their guitarist. This year the band won their first Band of the year title with their road-march song “Skip”. It was an overwhelming feeling for the band as they knew how hard they worked to reach this far. The band held that title for two consecutive years winning the band of the year title in 2012 with their road match song “Clap” where till this present day carries the load in any fete on our island. Over the years the band had various drummers like Xavern “Xav” Labega, Claudio “Stixx” Benjamin and Raquim” Lil Legend” Lake and Sherwin “Smokes” Williams. Their input into the band will always be appreciated. In 2014 the band regained its band of the year title another great accomplishment for them.

Two thousand and sixteen The Official Band decided that they will go back to the drawing board until they got their craft up to par and sat out of carnival for three years. In 2019 under new management the band was ready to give it their best shot. That same year Lennica “Niica” Frederick joined The Official Band as their first female vocalist. This year was an awesome year for The Official Band. The Band released their two first ever recorded tracks Riot and Loca, The Band captured the band clash and face off champion titles and the band also captured the band of the year title. It doesn’t stop there the band is working on elevating their craft and taking their talent and skills to the next level of letting world know what Sint Maarten has to offer.


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