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2021 Band Ambassador - Energetic, Versatile, Youthful, Rythmic

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Versatile. Energetic. Youthful. Rythmic- words that come to mind when describing Dominica's Triple Kay Band. Founded by and named after three friends from the community of Laudat, the band has grown over the past 20 years into a brotherhood of 9 committed musicians who have produced over nine albums, released hundreds of songs, and docked thousands of hours in performances around the globe. Frontline vocalists, David "Sonic Tazzy" George, Wayne “Mr. Benji N’O” Benjamin, and Lennan “Ticky” Matthew are the face of the band, while Kendel "Killa” Laurent (lead keys, producer), Jeoffrey “JJ Yout” Joseph (back keys, back vocals), Jason “Froggy" Joseph (drums), Ordel “Zoubs” Hamilton (Guitars), James Rodney (Road Manager) and Daniel “Brush Head” Phillip (bass, Engineering Assistant) make up the rest of the band. From time to time other musicians may be hired to support the band.

In the early years, Triple Kay was known for a repertoire influenced by the local Cadencelypso genre as well as Haitian Compas and the Zouk sounds of the neighbouring French West Indies (FWI) islands. This influence was evident in their debut album Big Ting (2000) with songs such as "Big Ting" and "L'amour.” Though their follow-up album Fanatik (2003) still featured this creole influence on songs like "Fanatik" and "Crevice” the introduction of Benji who produced and was the lead singer on the single “Log On" indicated the impending change of the band's musical style. In 2004 Benji returned as a guest act and produced the upbeat title track for the album Sewo. By the following year, he was a full-fledged member of the band, and his influence was clear as Triple Kay's repertoire reflected the local Bouyon genre for which Benji was known- a fast-paced, upbeat sound, popular among the younger crowd.

Suffice it to say, the band's following albums, All Out (2006), Pressure (2007) Colours (2008), Allo (2009), Hush Your Mouth (2011) and Bubblin (2012) all reflected this change. Though Bubblin was their last full-length album, the band has released several singles each year since then. Popular tracks include the Compa number "Pou Yo” and “They Must Be Mad” ft. Shadowflow in 2013, "Nous Konnet Vive" and the Konnet Vive remix featuring Bouyon superstars Nayee, Rah, Asa Bantan which in 2014, was selected as the official theme song of Dominica's carnival celebrations. In 2015 Triple Kay released "Lock De Gate” which won them their second People's Road March title (the first being with “Please" in 2008), and the groovy Soca fusion "Waist" ft. Mr. Killa of Grenada and Trinidad's Flippo. Continuing to build their name as Soca artists, "Nice Time” was released in 2016, with "E.T.M (Fete Till Morning) the following year. In 2017, "Roll dat Boom Boom" and "Jose" were massive hits for the band, with the former copping the Road March Title. Within a month of its release, “Jose” became their second most popular YouTube upload to date (following 2007&'s “Soos").

Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria the band produced a monstrous hit called “Still Standing” in 2018 which became an anthem of resilience for the country and all other nations experiencing adverse circumstances. In 2019 the hits continued and the band won the world’s first ever Peoples Bouyon Road March title with the infectious party song called “Heat”. At the dawn of the new decade the band proved its worth as the best bouyon band with
the production of what became the most loved song “Toufe”. .

Since their 2002 debut at both the World Creole Music Festival and Creole in the Park, Triple Kay has touched on several "big" stages in Dominica, the Region and the world. The band has played at all but one of the Creole in the Park stagings and from 2005 has never missed a WCMF performance. In 2006 they performed at Antilliaanse Feesten Hoogstraten in Belgium and returned to the festival in 2010. In 2012, they also performed at the Terre de Blues Festival in Marie Galante. Over the years Triple Kay has been a staple at Carnivals and Caribbean festivals around the globe including Houston Carifest, Toronto's Caribana, Nottinghill Carnival in the UK, Miami Carnival, New York's West Indian Day celebrations, carnivals in Antigua, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Martin and more. Of course Dominica is home and they are staples on the annual event calendar in their beloved Nature Isle. Known as the Bouyon MVPs, Triple Kay's high energy, live performances have set them apart and won them the hearts of their loyal fans who follow them from fete to fete, staying till the early hours of the morning jamming to their captivating sounds. Recordings of their live performances are highly anticipated and play in public buses and events like they were albums onto themselves. "Our music is relatable and our style of music composition is infectious" says Jeoffrey.

"People like beff and our music is rebellious" translates Tazzy, the designated sex symbol, who always tells it like it is. In between shirtless performances, Tazzy may have a fall or two; at times they will laugh over Jeoffrey forgetting some chords or Benji mixing up his lyrics mid-song, but through it all they enjoy working together and enjoy entertaining the fans. Kendel produces all of their music while Jeoffrey pens much of the band's lyrics. With Benji's raspy chants, Tazzy's high pitched falsettos and Lennan's smooth vocals, over the unique sounds played by the backline members, it all comes together. Though each band member has their unique personalities and sounds, they remain a strong, committed family for the last 10 years.

In their 20 years together, the band has never forgotten to give back to their community and to date has donated over $20,000 to the Education Trust Fund, $9,000 to the Dominica Council on Ageing, paid for the refurbishment of a youth centre in the Kalinago Territory, sponsored over 20 primary and secondary school students through scholarships and given their talent to free concerts as well as time and money to other worthwhile causes including fundraisers for Hurricane Ivan in Grenada and Tropical Storm Erika in Dominica.

As they face the next decade, Triple Kay wants to continue to spread Bouyon, Good Vibes and Sewo to the world. See you at the next session! KABOOM!


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2021 Band Ambassador - Energetic, Versatile, Youthful, Rythmic

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